Driven by Purpose, Anchored in Integrity: Winand Products' Commitment

Winand Products Inc., a leading organic food manufacturer from upstate New York, launched its first brand, PERFEITO (@perfeitofoods), in December 2021.

PERFEITO brings to the table a line of Brazilian seasonings, offering five unique blends made from fresh garlic and select spices, all without preservatives. The brand caters to a variety of tastes with its Natural and Organic product lines. While the Organic range appeals to those preferring ingredients grown organically, the Natural version provides a more budget-friendly alternative without sacrificing quality.

To reach a wide audience, PERFEITO is available online at, on Amazon,, and at Wegmans stores. This distribution strategy aligns with Winand Products' goal to expand and make their flavorful seasonings accessible to more consumers.

  • Streamlined Production, Warehousing, Packaging & Distribution

    Our facility encompasses production, warehousing, packaging, and distribution operations, enabling us to produce, receive, store, package, and distribute products seamlessly. 

  • Certified USDA Organic Food Processing Facility

    We strictly adhere to USDA guidelines for organic food production, maintaining segregation and traceability systems to prevent contamination. We employ organic-approved processing methods, minimizing synthetic additives.

Our Mission

Empower individuals with access to wholesome and nourishing food, while simultaneously fostering a culture of health-consciousness and environmental responsibility.

Featured on MIT Sloan's Website

Patricia Springer participates in the MIT Sloan Fellows MBA roundtable discussion on the importance of mentorship for entrepreneurs. Explore her insights and contributions on MIT Sloan's official site.

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Highlighting Growth

PERFEITO featured by Locate Finger Lakes for leveraging NYSTAR's support to grow our Brazilian seasoning business.

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Company Spotlight

We were recognized as the outstanding business of the year for 2023 in Cayuga County by the Small Business Development Center (SBDC).

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Media Coverage

Pinch of Perfeito: Auburn seasoning brand coming to Wegmans. Wegmans shoppers will soon be able to savor a taste of Brazil by way of Auburn.

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Our Product Line

Brazilian Seasonings

PERFEITO is a fantastic Brazilian seasoning designed to add the lively flavors of Brazil to your cooking. There are five different blends, each made with fresh garlic and carefully chosen spices, without any preservatives. We offer two types of PERFEITO products: Natural and Organic.